What Are You Required to Do with the NHBRC as an Owner Builder?


All new homes, by law, have to be registered with the NHBRC, some RDP houses are exempt from this. As an owner builder you may apply for an exemption from the Housing Consumer Protection Measures Act with the NHBRC. There are certain questions that they ask and have to be satisfactorily answered before the exemption is granted.

There is a link at the bottom of this post so you can download the questionnaire.

The NHBRC’s Nomawethu Maqetuka has published a letter outlining some of the requirements:

Thanks you very much for enquiring about the owner builder process.

Owner Builder

It is a legislative requirement that anyone who wishes to be exempt from the provisions of the Housing Consumer Protection Measures Act on the basis of being an owner builder must make submission to the Council prior to the commencement of construction.

Further is a requirement that the applicant proves, inter alia, that he displays the appropriate financial, technical, construction and management capacity to construct the residential unit.

A commissioned motivation by the Applicant:

The following information must be included in the motivation:

  • Will the applicant be employing a contractor (“a person appointed by the owner builder to assist in the construction of a home or installation of subsidiary services to a home”) / skilled artisans to assist him? If so, the names of the contractors must be confirmed together with the terms of conditions. Include a copy of the contract/agreement;
  • Is the Applicant the owner of the property? If so, provide the title deed.
  • If the Applicant is not the owner of the property, but will only be assisting the owner in the building of the latter’s home (as per the definition of owner builder), provide the Title Deed and Power of Attorney (Annexure D) authorising the Applicant to bring the application for exemption and to build the house on his behalf.
  • Details of any experience in or knowledge of the built industry (include any certified copies of the qualifications, past experience, knowledge of Home Builders Manuals etc.);
  • The applicant must agree to write the Technical
  • Who will be occupying the home;
  • Has the applicant applied for owner builder exemption on any other property previously, or does he intend to do so in future? Provide details of property and circumstances.

Kind Regards

Nomawethu Maqetuka


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