While SANS 10400 is the foundation for all building work, there are many other national standards that are pivotal for the construction industry. For instance, if you are building a timber frame home, you will need to access SANS 10082. Anyone assembling timber roof trusses must follow the guidelines provided in SANS 2001, Part CT2. 

As you will see, many of these standards cater for specialist industries within the construction niche. 

SANS 2001: Construction Works
    Part CG1: Installation of glazing in window and door frames
    Part CS1: Structural steelwork    
    Part CT2: Structural timberwork (roofing)
    Part DP4: Sewers
    Part DP6: Below-ground water installations
    Part DP7: Sewers for buildings
    Part DP8: Pipe jacking
    Part EJ: Joinery
    Part EM1: Cement plaster

SANS 10082: Timber frame buildings

SANS 10085: The design, erection, use and inspection of access scaffolding
    Part 1: Steel access scaffolding  

SANS 10082: Timber frame buildings
The regulations for timber frame buildings are the same throughout the country. Part K of SANS 10400, Walls deals with timber frame walls. – ref

SANS 10160: Basis of structural design and actions for buildings and industrial structures
    Part 1: Basis of structural design
NOTE: Parts 1-8 must be read in conjunction with Part 1
    Part 2: Self-weight and imposed loads 
    Part 3: Wind actions
    Part 4: Seismic actions and general requirements for buildings
    Part 5: Basis for geotechnical design and actions
    Part 6: Actions induced by cranes and machinery   
    Part 7: Thermal actions
    Part 8: Actions during execution
Incorporates legislative amendments published in Gazette No. 34586 dated 09 September 2011 – Environmental Sustainability and updated to include the Review Board Regulations. 

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